Church Services

Services are held twice a week at St. Barnabas Church on a Sunday and Wednesday and everyone is welcome.

Sunday – 10.30am:  Holy Communion

Wednesday  – 10.30am: Holy Communion in the Chapel.   Please note: Every first Wednesday of the month it will be Holy Communion with Anointing.

Sunday Service

Our Sunday service is based around the eucharist when we warmly welcome everyone to come forward to either receive communion if you are confirmed or it is your tradition, or to receive God’s blessing.  Hopefully, therefore, you will sense the spiritual and sacred as much as the warmth and welcome.

At the service, we simplify our form of teaching and learning so that people who may have no experience of church at all, feel comfortable and can follow what is going on.  This might involve turning to your neighbour and discussing a particular question given to the congregation by the vicar or her curate.  This is found to be a good way for people to get to know one another.

Young Church is held on the first and third Sundays of each month.  Service starts at 10.3oam. Children love to come to the front of the church after the first hymn and we all share a prayer.  They then process down the aisle and go off to enjoy fun activities before returning for a blessing and sharing with everyone what they have learnt.  There is a great sense of energy and life to Young Church Sundays and children tell us they really enjoy it all!

ASH WEDNESDAY – there will be an evening service on Ash Wednesday 26th February at 7.00pm.  Area Dean,  Revd. Ann Richardson will preside at this service and everyone is welcome.


The Lighthouse at St Barnabas is a lovely modern, bright and airy venue that met our needs perfectly. The team were accommodating, making us feel very welcome and ensuring our needs and those of our delegates were met throughout the day.

Andy - PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors)