Weddings at St. Barnabas

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Rarely does the building sound more joyous than when there is a wedding taking place. We are always thrilled when couples want to celebrate their special day at St. Barnabas.

We try very hard to make it the day you want it to be by meeting up with you three or four times beforehand, hopefully in a relaxed atmosphere, to help you prepare for your marriage not only practically but emotionally and spiritually too.  There will also be an evening dedicated to your rehearsal so that on the day, you will be confident and happy to make your solemn promises to each other, not only in front of family and friends, but before God and with God’s blessing.

There are certain rules regarding getting married at St. Barnabas but we try wherever possible to make it possible for you to have your wedding here.

Who can be married at St.Barnabas?

The church regulations allow you to get married at St. Barnabas if you or your partner can satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • You live in the parish
  • You have a connection with the church or parish.  Any one from the following list would count:
    • you were baptised or confirmed at St. Barnabas
    • one of your parents or grandparents was married here
    • at some time in the past you lived in the parish for at least 6 months;
    • at some point in your lifetime one of your parents lived in the parish for 6 months;
    • at some time in the past you or your parents regularly attended services here for 6 months;
  • You are on the electoral roll at St. Barnabas.  This is not the national electoral roll for voting but the church’s own membership list.  You can go on this roll if you are baptized and regularly attend services here for 6 months.

It is always possible to check whether your home is in the parish by going to the A Church Near You website and entering your postcode. More information relating to church weddings is also available on the special Church of England website but if you are interested,  please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the details.  Contact the Vicar, Rev. Emma Sykes on 07784 071919 or email her at:

Marriage Blessings

It is sometimes the case that couples have been unable to have a church wedding or perhaps they were married abroad and they would like to have a blessing on a special anniversary.

Some people want to make the day a big occasion with a lot of planning; others come with their immediate family and sometimes couples just come on their own to renew their vows and ask God’s continuing blessing upon them.

Whichever choice you make , these are very precious and intimate occasions.  Each one different.  It’s an enormous privilege to be part of a day like this and to enable the service to be as personal and as memorable as you could wish it to be.

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The Lighthouse at St Barnabas is a lovely modern, bright and airy venue that met our needs perfectly. The team were accommodating, making us feel very welcome and ensuring our needs and those of our delegates were met throughout the day.

Andy - PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors)