St. Barnabas Churchyard Renovation Project

Our new vicar, Rev. Emma Sykes is keen to progress the restoration of the churchyard and things are looking hopeful for work to start in the near future.

We are fully aware that part of the churchyard is an overgrown state.  It looks unsightly and we know this can attract anti-social behaviour which is concerning for everyone.  Also the land underneath the undergrowth is unstable and dangerous in parts too, making access to certain graves difficult and mostly impossible.

These issues mean that it is not just a case of cutting down the grass and undergrowth to make it safe.  The land needs to be restored to a safe level and this initial stage of work will cost a lot of money.  

Of course our priority is to always respect the graves and remains of people buried in the overgrown part of the churchyard and this again means we can’t just rush in and ‘cut the grass’.  Work has to be planned and carried out sensitively.

All this said, we are extremely grateful that there is a growing number of people and organisations who want to help us restore the churchyard to its former glory and so we have started the ball rolling on the next stages of restoration and are keen and excited to start making a difference.

For example, we are working on setting up a Friends of St. Barnabas Churchyard group which will be a focal point for volunteers and supporters to join with us as we journey towards the transformation of this part of the site for everyone to enjoy in the future.

In addition, eventually all the graves in the St. Barnabas churchyard will be digitally catalogued on an online burial ground management system, making it easier for us to locate graves when required.

We would like to thank everyone who has linked with us so far to help with restoration plans and, for those who have made personal enquiries about graves in the overgrown section of the site, thank you for your patience and cooperation going forward.  We will work with you to get things right.

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Please note: During the future restoration work we intend where possible to keep all safe and in scripted markers and headstones on site, even if it’s not possible to keep them in their original position (They would only be moved if in a dangerous position or state).  If you have any queries regarding this or any other issue regarding the churchyard, please email





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