It is amazing the different routes that lead to baptism at St. Barnabas.

Sometimes, people assume that baptism is only for babies but anyone can be baptised – whatever age – and that is the joy of the sacrament. There are certain regulations with regard to where you live but we do our best not to say no.

The second person to be baptised in our new font after the church was re-opened was nearly 87 when she decided the time was right! Sometimes, entire families want to take the step together. It is always a joy to respond to a request, whoever it is!

Baptism may take place in a Sunday service or more frequently, just afterwards as our Sunday gatherings are in any event quite lengthy;  very occasionally,  if someone is older,  they may want to take this step with a smaller group of people during the week. We’re very happy to have an initial conversation with you and then arrange to meet up to talk about the service and the promises made in it.

Please contact the Vicar, Rev. Emma Sykes on 07784 071919 or via her email:

The Lighthouse at St Barnabas is a lovely modern, bright and airy venue that met our needs perfectly. The team were accommodating, making us feel very welcome and ensuring our needs and those of our delegates were met throughout the day.

Andy - PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors)