Families with a connection to the church will often get in touch for their loved one to have their service at St. Barnabas, even though they may live some distance away or the connection may go back as far as a baptism or a wedding service here. It is a link which means a huge amount at such a sad time. On other occasions, people living in the parish will want their local vicar to take the service even though the service may take place at the crematorium or cemetery chapel.

Sometimes the contact is made direct by the family or through a funeral director but the vicar or curate will then meet up with the family to ensure that the service is personal to their particular needs. They may be very big occasions or intimate services but each will be given the appropriate care and personal attention to ensure the occasion is one of thanksgiving for the life of the person who has passed away. Sometimes, people want to choose happy music to reflect the personality of the person who has died or the life they have lived and we are more than happy to fulfil any such request.

Many funerals take place at a crematorium and could even take place at a woodland burial site so if you are keen for someone from St. Barnabas to be involved in taking the service for the member of your family, please contact the Vicar, Rev. Emma Sykes on 07784 071919 or email:

Memorial Services

Occasionally, funeral services take place in different parts of the country and sometimes abroad. On these occasions, families find it helpful to have a service for friends and family here and we are more than happy to discuss with them an appropriate memorial service which can offer them comfort.

Remembrance and Support

Before and after the funeral we remember everyone at our Sunday and weekday services and we are always more than happy to continue visiting people who are bereaved and finding loss hard to bear.

Every year on Remembrance Sunday evening, we hold a specific service to remember all who have died in previous years, especially those for whom we have taken a service in the previous year. An invitation is sent to all those whose funerals we have taken during that time but anyone who has lost a loved one at any time is always welcome to join us and we will remember their family members by name.

When we call out the names individually, members of the family are invited to come forward to light a candle and many find the occasion supportive and calming.

The Lighthouse at St Barnabas is a lovely modern, bright and airy venue that met our needs perfectly. The team were accommodating, making us feel very welcome and ensuring our needs and those of our delegates were met throughout the day.

Andy - PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors)